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Soon after our wedding and honeymoon we started milling whole wheat to make real flour for our own home use. We have found that there is nothing better, healthier, or tastier than using real whole wheat flour. Excited to share this with others, we started milling whole wheat flour weekly and selling it at local grocery stores. Our vision is to provide whole grains for your whole family! We are now expanding our family business, (Integrain), to be able to provide high quality, genuine, whole wheat flour for more families. My wife studied chef school, and loves to modify and improve recipes. We look forward to sharing our recipes with you so you can enjoy “Integrain flour” at its best. We would love to hear from you!

Please let us know what you think of Integrain flour and recipes, and how you use it in your home.
-Randell & Ioanna Reimer

TEAM: Integrain Family

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Integrain Family

As a family we strive to provide and  improve healthy food options.

Cosecha Integrain

From Farm to Table

Some of our grains are from our farms in northeast Chih, MX.



We thank all our distributors for being part of the Integrain Family.


Be a profitable business that honors the Lord Jesus Christ by supplying our Customers with natural, healthy, and quality products that contribute to the

well-being and health of families and the environment


be a leader in the production of healthy whole grain foods; Achieving optimum quality in our production processes, being marketed by our different channels

of distribution

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